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Găsește livrări

Cargoroll works for you.

Let us do the hard part, search, select and filter offers or deliveries ... you already have too much on your plate, and your time is precious.
We check and confirm contact information, so you can get in touch directly with a real person that's interested, without waiting in vain and dealing with busy phone lines.

Cargoroll works non-stop for you and notifies you instantly only when it’s in your best interest. You only have to choose the winner or place an offer.


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Make the right choice

The platform works with open delivery auctions where you choose who you want to work with. You compare transporter offers, ratings and reviews, and choose the option that suits you.

The contact information is verified and confirmed, so you may get in touch directly with responsible and interested persons. Once you set the details, you can rest easy; you're instantly notified of every interaction with the delivery, and you only have to track and confirm actions.

Add delivery
Find deliveries

We're innovating the transport and delivery services

Our mission is to innovate the transport and deliveries services, using advanced technologies. This way, you benefit directly from the best options available.
Specifically, following delivery requests, Cargoroll analyzes the database and makes complex connections so as to create the optimal connection between the sender and the transporter.

You gain time, without phone calls, without waiting in vain, when everything happens online and in real time.

You are instantly notified of every interaction with your delivery, so you benefit from maximum traceability and transparency, being always up to date with what’s going on on the platform.
We operate based on trust, and we insist to get to know you.
Together, we're building a honorable community, where respect among members prevails; that is why we verify and confirm contact information, ensuring we have a community sustained by real persons.
You have total flexibility to choose whom to work with, comparing partner ratings or reviews  and choosing the best option for you.

Beneficii Cargoroll

Cargoroll - benefits for both parties

It is important to have a secure and easy to use solution, available anytime and anywhereThis is how you optimize costs and gain more time for you ... for your life.

This is why we are here, this is why we offer you free access to the Cargoroll platform and we work non-stop to improve service quality.

This is our promise: we will always support you to make everything simple, fast and efficient.


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Make an account, add your delivery, get some offers and choose the transporter. All free!