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Find deliveries, place your offer and win.

Cargoroll gives you free access, everywhere, anytime.


You are always loaded.

Let us do the hard part to search, select and filter deliveries ... your time is very precious.

You can optimize the platform to fit your interests, such as:

  • Favorite types and categories of deliveries;
  • Your favorite locations for pickups and drop-offs;
  • Favourite countries where your business operates;

Cargoroll is working around the clock for you and you will be notified instantly when a new delivery is in your interest. You just have to place your offer.

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Free access

You have free access to the platform and auctions.

Look for deliveries, place your offers and receive instant notifications at no additional cost and without being bound to a subscription.

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Open auctions.

You are invited to bid in open auctions where you choose with whom to work. Compare the offers, grades and ratings. You can update your offer depending on the competition.

Everything is transparent and you can see the offers from other carriers. You will be notified for each counter offer so you might react immediately.

Moreover, you can participate in multiple auctions thous increasing your chances of winning.

Choose with whom to work.

Our system of grades and ratings gives you more details about the sender and competition, so you can compare and make better choices regarding the potential partner.

Notes and ratings are made only by the parties involved in the delivery (the sender and the carrier) and thus provide certainty and correctness.

Save time.

No phone calls, no wasted time - everything happens online and in real time.

You are notified for each interaction on a delivery, giving you have maximum traceability and transparency. You are always aware of what is happening on the platform.

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Available anywhere, anytime.

It's a challenge for us to be present in all operating systems, mobile and desktop. We offer free access to Cargoroll through our mobile apps for iOS and Android or you can always use our website optimized for modern browsers and multiple resolutions.

By using our mobile applications you build a truly mobile business , always connected with the community and having real-time access to the information you need. Moreover, you will receive notifications in accordance with your preferences.

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