How it works?

  • The sender adds the delivery and an open auction is posted, valid for 6 hours.

    If no winner is selected within this timeframe, the auction continues for 6 more hours. If no winner is selected within this timeframe, after the allocated time expires, the auction is cancelled.

    To maintain consistency and fairness, after the delivery is published, the related information and details can no longer be modified. One can only cancel the current delivery and start again, by adding the delivery.
  • notifications_active
    All interested transporters are instantly notified and invited to place an offer.
    Throughout the auction validity timeframe, the sender can choose a winner or cancel the delivery. The transporters can place offers, update them or withdraw from the auction, by cancelling their offer.
  • Based on the offers received from transporters, the sender chooses a winner.
    timerThe sender has to choose a winner before the auction timeframe expires.

    In case there are offers, and the sender does not choose a winner, the auction is cancelled automatically, all the parties being instantly notified.

    In case there are no offers, the delivery is re-posted automatically, 2 times.

  • notifications_active

    After the winner is chosen, all the parties, the sender, the winning transporter and the other bidders, are notified of the auction closing.

  • contact_mail

    The sender and the transporter now have the contact information available.

    This is the stage when the final details and contract procedures are set, and the transporter receives the final recommendations to head for the delivery pickup place.

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    Next, 3 simple steps have to be taken by both parties:

  • pin_drop
    Step 1: Confirm the pickup. Both parties have to confirm the delivery pickup.
  • Step 2: Confirm the delivery. The transporter confirms having delivered the merchandise, and the sender has to check and confirm the delivery.
  • Step 3: Rating and review. Both parties have to review the delivery and rate the other party.
    It is very important for this step to be taken fairly, this being one of the elements for an accurate evaluation.
  • cloud_done
    At this stage, the delivery can be considered completed.
  • info_outline

    From winner selection to delivery completion, in case of issues, the sender or the transporter can report any incidents. Cargoroll will mediate the incident, checking the information, documents and details of the delivery. In case the incident cannot be solved amicably, the user at fault can be permanently banned from the Cargoroll platform, the users community being notified of the reported incident.