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        Frequently asked questions
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        I must pay to access the platform?
        Access to Cargoroll platform is free without the need of a subscription.
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        What are the costs for shippers?
        You can always add deliveries at no additional cost and without being bound to a subscription.

        Receive instant notifications for every offer, compare the offers , and the cost will come only if you choose the tender winner and really benefit from the platform.

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        What are the costs for carriers?
        Look for deliveries, add offers and receive instant notifications at no additional cost and without being bound to a subscription.

        You can participate in the auctions for free and the costs are coming only if you have been elected winner of the tender and really benefit from the platform and do business.

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        Why should I validate my email and phone?
        Checking and confirming the contact details is ensuring that we have a sustained community of real people.
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        Is my contact data public?
        All the data are private. All the data are hidden until a winner is chosen. The data is disclosed just between the sender and the winning carrier. Other bidders are unable to see the contact details.
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        For what devices is the platform available?
        The platform is accessible from all the major operating systems (Windows and Apple), all the browsers (IE11, Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari) and is optimized for mobile, supporting multiple resolutions. The platform can be also access through our mobile apps (Android and iOS).
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        Is Cargoroll always available?
        It is important to have a secure and easy to use platform, available anytime and anywhere.Cargoroll can be accessed around the clock, both on mobile and desktop.p>
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        Is Cargoroll available internationally?
        Cargoroll can be accessed around the clock, both from mobile and desktop, from anywhere in the world.
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        What profile should I choose?

        Four types of profiles are available:

        Sender - individual.

        Sender - company (legal entity) .

        Carrier - only companies (legal entities) .

        Logistics company or freight forwarder - only companies (legal entities) .

        Shippers, whether individuals or companies, are able only to add deliveries and select the tender winner. The carrier can make every action available to a sender but can also participate in tenders for deliveries and to bid. The logistics company has all the functionalities of a shipper and a carrier and additionally can add and manage users.

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        Can I add a delivery without having verified contact details?
        A delivery can be added without having verified contact details but a winner can’t be chosen until the contact data is confirmed. If you do not receive your confirmation email or SMS code to verify the phone, contact us at suport@cargoroll.com .
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        Can I bid in an auction without the account checked?

        Carrier account must be verified by an administrator. This process takes from a few hours to a day. If lasted more than a day and your account has not been verified, contact us at suport@cargoroll.com .